How to create beautiful Carousel in wordpress

Do you want your website more engaging and visually appealing for your website visitors? If your website is appealing that you offer on your website may lose your lot of business so the question is how we can make our website more attractive and visually appealing. I am going to explain to you to add a beautiful image carousel on your website to make it more engaging. Actually a carousel is a slideshow of images, posts or products.

Install and activate the plugin

WordPress carousel is one of the best plugins that help you to add beautiful image slideshow on your website. In the free version, it allows you to create an image, post and woo-commerce product carousel on your WordPress website. Post and product slideshow will display the latest posts or products in the slideshow. product Download the plugin from WordPress repository or go over the dashboard of your website click on the add new plugin search WordPress Carousel install and activate the plugin.


After the installation you have many options to play with them, go over the WordPress carousel in the dashboard of your website add new carousel there are three options in the free version image post or product slideshow, click on the desired one and play with the option as per to your requirements. You can add the color combination that follows the rest of the website, add image quantity as per the devices e.g desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. There are lots of many more things that you can apply to your carousel.

After all the configurations are done publish the carousel that you have created and scroll down to the bottom of the page there should be a shortcode or some piece of code if you want to use it in the backend.

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