How to add floating button popup wordpress

Getting a lot of traffic from Google is not just winning the competition. You have to convert your website visitor to your customers. Your business depends on leads you get from your website and the game starts when a visitor just clicks on your website link from google.

I can understand your situation personally because a few years ago I was in the same situation. I am getting a lot of traffic for my Dubai base client who is providing the painting services in Dubai. I have ranked their website on google 1st page but he does not get any new calls and emails. I just added a few things to optimize his website. Floating button popup is one of those things which can help me to convert website visitors into customers.

Adding a floating button popup into your website is the best way to convert your website visitor into your customers. People don’t have to load new contact us pages or go to a new section. They can see the popup having contact form without leaving the page. Where they can fill and get a free Quote or subscribe to your autoresponder.

Video Tutorial

In this article, I am going to show you how to add a floating button popup in WordPress step by step.

Plugin Introduction

Slick Popup WordPress plugin is one of the best options to add floating button popup in WordPress. The plugin has both a free and premium version. And allow us to add contact form in the popup so we can convert our visitor. Slick Popup also allows you to add a custom color scheme to popup which can help us to maintain our website branding color.

Plugin installation

You can start the process by installing the Slick Popup Lite plugin into your WordPress website. You can download the lite version plugin from Click on the link you will find a free download button.

After Downloading the plugin you will get a zip file. Now login into your WordPress Dashboard and you will see plugin option in the left bar. Hover on the Plugin button than you can see the add new plugin option click on it.

Upload the plugin file to your WordPress website. Install and activate the plugin.
After activation now clicks on the Slick Popup Lite button in the left menu and it will take you to the Slick Popup Lite dashboard page.


You can play with many options which plugin provides you. Here is the simple Configuration guide

  • Plugin State* => Enabled
  • Form to use? => select the contact form you want to show on popup
  • Where to show the form?* => Everywhere (this option allow you to show button on specific page)
  • Mobile State* => Enabled (this option will allow you to show button on mobile devices)

After these configurations click on the save button. Now reload the website to see the magic.

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